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2013-09-12 CEJIC Papers Template
The deadline for the submission of papers for publishing in the Special Issue of Central European Journal of Chemistry (CEJIC) dedicated to the 18th Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and ...
2013-08-22 Online submission is already open for the papers that will be published on Central European Journal of Chemistry devoted to RICCCE18
A special issue of Central European Journal of Chemistry devoted to RICCCE 18 will be published. Manuscripts for this volume should be submitted through the journal webpage (https://www.editorialmanag...
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Organizing Committee

President: Prof. Ioan CĂLINESCU

Vice-president: Prof. Alina BĂDĂNOIU
Vice-president: Prof. Gheorghe NECHIFOR
Vice-president: Assoc. Prof. Catinca SECUIANU
Vice-president: Prof. Raluca STAN
Conference secretary:
Assoc. Prof. Claudia Maria SIMONESCU
1. New Developments in Chemical Synthesis & Catalysis
Dr. Cristina OTT email: cristinaott@yahoo.com 
Dr. Florina DUMITRU email: d_florina@yahoo.com
2. Biochemistry, Food & Health
Dr. Maria-Cristina TODAŞCĂ email: todascacristina@yahoo.com
Dr. Matei RAICOPOL email: matei_raicopol@yahoo.com


3. Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry & Corrosion
Dr. Anca COJOCARU email: a_cojocaru@chim.upb.ro
Dr. Daniela IONIŢĂ email: md_ionita@yahoo.com


4. New Concepts in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering
Dr. Daniel DINCULESCU email: d_dinculescu@chim.upb.ro
Dr. Luminita Cristiana GÎJIU email: l_gijiu@chim.upb.ro


5. Monitoring & Environmental Protection
Dr. Cristina ORBECI email: cristina27ccc@yahoo.com
Dr. Ştefan VOICU email: svoicu@gmail.com


6. Materials and Nanomaterials
Dr. Ştefania STOLERIU email: s_stoleriu@yahoo.com
Dr. Cătălin ZAHARIA email: zaharia.catalin@gmail.com
Conference Events Calendar
Deadline updated Preregistration and paper submission, on line [click here]
May 15, 2013

Paper acceptance
June 2, 2013 

Final programme [click here]
June 20, 2013

Conference [click here]
September 4-7, 2013

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